Algebra I

This is a one-year Algebra course offered for highly advanced math students. Students must complete an application, get a high recommendation from their sixth grade math teacher, and score high on the algebra placement test to be enrolled in this course. Upon successful completion, students will receive a year of high school credit for this course.

Coed Physical Education

Students will take on new challenges, solve problems, and take risks by participating in individual and lifetime activities, which promote good social skills. They will be introduced to concepts which promote good health and nutrition. Students will use reading, writing, and technology skills by participating in a research project on topics related to fitness, health, wellness or sports. Students will assume responsibility for their own learning, set personal goals, and monitor their progress in fitness. Each student must complete a yearly fitness assessment identified as FITNESSGRAM.

Computer Applications

Students are taught to use computers and related technology as educational and communication tools. They will learn word processing, data base management, basic spreadsheet, presentation skills, graphics and logical reasoning. In addition, students will be exposed to ethics related to the world of technology, use of the Internet, networks, multimedia, and digital tools. Interdisciplinary projects throughout the year integrate technology with other subject areas. $10 lab fee requested.

English/ World History/ Geography Core

Core is a two-period class integrating world history, geography, literature, writing, and language arts. As we study medieval world history, we will cover civilizations on five continents spanning 1500 years using a variety of means such as textbooks, literature, technology, simulations, and primary source documents. In the English curriculum, students read and discuss literature, most of which is linked to the history units. A broad range of writing assignments, as well as spelling, vocabulary, and grammar instruction, are central to the curriculum. Assignments that integrate technology and require imagination, critical thinking, and both individual and cooperative learning are the foundation of the Core class.

Foundations Math/Pre-Algebra

This math course has two main goals: to attain mastery of basic skills, and to explore algebraic concepts. These skills and concepts are developed through individual and group work, hands-on investigations, handouts, and textbook assignments.

Life Science

In Life Science, students will use a hands-on approach to explore the following topics: cellular structure, genetics, changes over time, geologic history, and organismal structure and function. An investigative and experimental approach will be incorporated throughout each of these topics.