Course Catalog

Class7th Grade8th Grade
GATE English Literature, writing, and language arts Literature, writing, and language arts
GATE History Medieval world history and geography United States history
Math Accelerated Math 7 Math 8 or 8th grade Algebra I or Honors 8th grade Algebra I
Physical Education Co-Ed PE or Aquatics PE (students wishing to participate in our Swim and Water Polo teams; whole year/no transfers in or out) Co-Ed PE or Aquatics PE (students wishing to participate in our Swim and Water Polo teams; whole year/no transfers in or out)
GATE Science Life science Physical science
CompuTECH Elective CompuTECH: Technology used to communicate and succeed academically Choice Elective 1
(NOTE: In keeping with longstanding tradition, students are encouraged to register for at least one technology-based elective, as indicated by a symbol.)
Elective Choice Elective 1 Choice Elective 2
Elective Choice Elective 2 Choice Elective 3


Choice Electives

Students choose from the electives below to satisfy the Choice Elective requirements above. Students may opt for their choice of any 2 (7th grade) or 3 (8th grade) year-long electives from the list below. Due to enrollment, master schedule, or other factors, some of these corses may not all be offered for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Course Ranking Instructions: Please rank your top 6 choices in ATLAS, in order of your preference. If your top electives are full or unavailable, ATLAS will automatically select your next choices down the list. The name of courses as listed in ATLAS are noted in (gold), so please use those to rank your elective class requests. The course titles as noted in black are the actual course titles. Courses with required applications or auditions are noted as such, but please rank those courses according to your interest in ATLAS during registration. Second year foreign language courses require successful completion of the prior year's course.

Students, please visit this page for instructions regarding registration.

General Elective Options

Elective Wheel
(Explo Careers)
Students will be exposed to four quarters of diverse content. To be determined This is a great course for students unsure of which elective to choose.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Electives (STEM)


Engineering and Design
Year 1
(Explo Engineer & Design)

Sign up for this technology-based elective and create pinewood derby style race cars, structurally efficient bridges, and physical products that meet real needs. You will work on your computer using CAD, prototype your ideas using equipment such as 3d printers, power tools, laser cutters, and other industry-standard prototyping tools. Your journey through Engineering and Design culminates in a real-world competition-based capstone project. This is the "3-D Printing" class. Students are encouraged to also enroll in Electrical Engineering if they are interested in embedding electronics into their student-created prototypes. 

Vinson & Vizthum

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Engineering and Design
Year 2
(Explo Engineer & Design)

Ready to take your Engineering and Design skills to the next level? Sign up for this Year 2 Elective and build upon your experiences from Engineering and Design Year 1. You will have the opportunity to design and prototype advanced-level multi-part functional machines and structures as well as develop leadership abilities as you work as a team-lead on a Tournament of Technology project. Your journey through our second year of Engineering and Design culminates in a student-selected, real world capstone project and ends with the potential for several industry certifications. Students are encouraged to also enroll in Electrical Engineering if they are interested in embedding electronics into their student-created prototypes. This is the "3-D Printing" class. Vinson Vizthum
Potential for industry certification

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Robotics Year 1 or year 2
(Robotics & Electronics)
Robotics isn't just for NASA engineers. If you are interested in working with the LEGO Mindstorms technology to design and build 21st century robots, then this class is for you. Students will work with NXT and EV3 based LEGO robotics kits to design and build robotic solutions to some cool problems. This course is designed for creators with the passion for a year long exploration in the world of Robotics. Students may take this course a second year with advanced curriculum. West
Electrical Engineering
(Explo Information Tech)
Curious to see how those electronics you use daily work? Interesting in creating your own electronic creations? This Introduction to Electrical Engineering course is for you! You will have the opportunity to work with Arduino computers, learn programming and automation, as well as study the science behind their inner workings. Students are encouraged to also enroll in Engineering and Design if they are interested in embedding electronics into their student-created prototypes. A second year will be available for this course starting next school year.
Vinson Vizthum
Potential for industry certification

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Graphic Production Technologies
(Intro to Multimedia)
This course provides students an understanding of the processes and skills common to careers in publishing, printing, advertising, and screen printing. Students will learn industry specific design software, and use their designs to create apparel, products, and a complete custom board game. Our Graphic Production Technologies lab boasts cutting edge printing equipment, including a large format printer, multiple commercial embroidery machines, as well as a complete multi-press screen printing operation. Students will also be exposed to practical business operational strategies, and will have opportunities to make connections with businesses and organizations from the community. This is the class that makes T-Shirts. Vinson Vizthum
Potential for industry certification

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Visual Arts

Students in art class will learn about classic visual principles essential to any artistic medium. Whether it be an advertisement in a magazine, your favorite animation, or a historic piece of art, the classic visual principles are at play. Students in art class will not only learn how to identify these principles within a work of art, but how to use them to create meaning in their own art. Projects in art will allow students to experience a variety of mediums and disciplines that are at the core of artistic creation. From creating gel printing plates for vintage t-shirts, face casting, to modern mediums like edible art and designing App icons complete with marketing campaigns. Students will get comfortable with art by sampling different artistic mediums in an effort to learn more about themselves and the world around them. Pishione Promotional Video
Video Production
(Explo Arts&Media)
Students will create original short movies using storyboarding, filming, computer graphics, effects, music and sound with non-linear editing software. Students create characters and stories to produce a movie for a desired audience. Students explore animation, digital music creations, script writing, camera operating, green screen technology and the entire movie production process. This course uses apps on your BYOD with supplied cameras, green screen, recording booths and skills development to create movies. Stambach
Students write, photograph, design, and organize content for the 2017 Computech Yearbook. Students communicate effectively with a range of audiences and work in teams learning to function effectively together to accomplish a common goal. Vinson & Vizthum


Performing Arts

Band (Beginning)
This is a band class designed for students who are interested in starting a band instrument for the first time in either seventh or eighth grade. The primary focus for this class is on basic instrumental skill development and music reading. The goal of this class is to develop the student so they can advance to a higher level middle school band or entry level high school ensemble the following year. The beginning Band will perform at all concerts and some festivals. Only the following instruments are offered to beginners: flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, trombone, tuba, and limited percussion. Mellone Promo Video
Band (Intermediate)
The Concert Band is an ensemble that provides students with learning and performance opportunities on woodwind and brass instruments. The primary focus is on the development, continuation, and expansion of basic skill begun in previous years that are necessary for effective instrumental music performance. Students in Concert Band will perform in all concerts and two festivals a year. All students with minimum of one (1) year playing experience are welcome! No audition is required for admission to the concert band! Mellone Promo Video
Band (Advanced)
The Wind Ensemble is Computech’s most advanced performing group for woodwind and brass instrumentalists. This year long course introduces comprehensive musicianship through music performance of challenging and varied literature. Skills and concepts from previous years are developed and expanded upon. In addition to continued refinement of individual performance skills, greater emphasis is placed on ensemble performance skills. Students will continue to develop their knowledge of music theory, begin to analyze and evaluate music, and use critical thinking skills to make refinements in their performance. Individual and ensemble skills will be expanded through musical expression and technical accuracy. Students in the Wind Ensemble will perform at several concerts and festivals during the school year. Individual growth and achievement are encouraged through participation in honor bands and private lessons. Audition/Director approval needed for admission into the Wind Ensemble. For audition requirements or to schedule an audition time, please email Mr. Mellone at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mellone Promo Video
Drama 1 is an active, performance based program for students interested in stage acting training. Students will learn skills such as improv, pantomime, musical theatre dance, stage combat, script writing, and auditioning. Students will perform on stage regularly and have the opportunity to perform in a class show. This program teaches students how to work in professional theatre and provides opportunities to audition for local productions. Drama 1 students will have the opportunity to audition for and crew the fall school show with The Computech Players. Hibler Weekend and evening practices and performances required
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Drama 2
Drama 2 is a director’s training program for students wishing to further their theatre education. Students will learn stage management, directing, back stage work and how to produce a show. Drama 2 students will have the opportunity to cast and direct their own shows. Students will work directly with Drama 1 students as they learn how to manage casts and give constructive feedback. Drama 2 students will be considered for director and lead positions for the fall school show with The Computech Players. Hibler Weekend and evening practices and performances required
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Forensics (Speech & Debate)
Forensics is a nationally recognized program which runs from middle school through college. Forensics is broken into two parts: Speech and Debate. Speech students must memorize a piece of literature or media and perform it in a presentation. Students will learn public speaking techniques and have the opportunity to write their own pieces. Debate teaches students how to form an argument, research tactics and the laws of our country. Students are taught how to argue in an organized, objective way. This class gives students the opportunity to participate in competitions throughout the year at the middle school level and the high school level. Students will have the opportunity to perform in our annual Showcase and the chance to audition for our National Team. We compete in the National Middle School Speech and Debate tournament annually. Hibler Weekend and evening practices and performances required
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Jazz Band
This performance-based course provides students with a variety of jazz ensemble experiences. Music is studies and performed from intermediate level jazz repertoire. Jazz basics and technique are intermixed with the jazz festival music for each semester. This ensemble performs at festivals and performances throughout the school year. Traditional jazz instruments used are saxophone, trombone, trumpet, piano, bass guitar, drums & mallets. Other instruments may be included at director approval. Students must also be enrolled in either Intermediate/Advanced Band or Percussion Ensemble. Mellone Promo Video
Orchestra (Beginning)
String ensemble instruction is for all string instrumentalists. Group performances are required. Ohm Taught at Edison High
Orchestra (Intermediate/Advanced)
This is a performing orchestra for all string instrumentalists with at least one year experience. Students should be able to read music. Group performances are required. Ohm Taught at Edison High

This course is designed to cover the fundamentals of playing percussion instruments and the application of musicianship skills to the genre. It is designed to improve the playing skills and knowledge in the areas of mallets, concert percussion, intermediate/advanced rhythmic reading, percussion ensemble, sight-reading, and hand drumming. The students will gain an appreciation for complexity involved in performing music at a high level. Percussion ensembles students also serve as the percussion sections for the Concert Band and Wind Ensemble. A minimum of one (1) year experience is required. No audition is needed for participation in this class.

Mellone Promo Video

Stagecraft is a hand-on class designed for students interested in the backstage and crew work of theatre. Students will learn every aspect of production from costume design and construction to set design and building and stage makeup design and application. Students will have the opportunity to create online portfolios and tutorial videos of their work. Students will be trained to operate The Computech Theatre’s lighting and sound as well as managing the stage. Stagecraft students will have the opportunity to crew every school show with The Computech Players.

Weekend, evening and after school rehearsals and performances required.
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Foreign Language

Note: Our foreign language courses are high school credit classes, and material is presented at a high school level. Upon successful completion (C or better), students will receive a year of high school credit for this course. Each student may only take one foreign language course at a time.

French I
(French I)
French is the second international language after English. It is spoken on every continent except Antarctica and Australia. French 1 is an introduction to the French language and culture. The objective of the class is communication. Students will be speaking French from day one and will have learned the basic language skills to communicate effectively by the end of the year. Participation is important, as students will be conversing, writing, and reading in French. Some of the activities students will be participating in include a fashion show, performing skits, designing their own restaurant menus, virtual tours, and learning many songs in French, to name just a few. Ordiano  
French II
(French II)
This class is for students who have mastered the fundamentals of French I. French II allows students to communicate about past events and expand their vocabulary and fluency. Participation is important, as students will be conversing, writing, and reading in French. Some of the activities students will be participating in are: a fashion show, making pen pal videos, creating home tours, performing skits, learning many songs in French, and virtual tours, to name just a few. Ordiano  
Hmong I
(Hmong for Heritage Speakers)
This class can accommodate students from a wide range of backgrounds, from those who are only culturally familiar with the Hmong language and traditions to those who are more proficient and/or fully literate in Hmong. TBD  
Spanish I
(Spanish I)
Due to the constantly increasing Hispanic population, there is a high demand for Spanish speakers. Spanish One is an introduction to the language and the Hispanic culture. The objective of the class is to be able to speak, read, write, and understand basic Spanish. Students will be speaking Spanish from day one and will learn language skills to communicate effectively by the end of the year. Daily and constant participation is required which, if accomplished, will enable students to speak understand, read and write Spanish. This class is designed for the non-native speaker. Aberle  
Spanish II
(Spanish II)
Spanish II allows students to expand their vocabulary and learn how to talk about past events. They learn to order food in a restaurant, barter, design a restaurant menu, and write about their own childhood. Students should be prepared for a more rigorous, yet rewarding experience. Bolaños  
Spanish Native Speakers
(Spanish Native Sp I)
The purpose of this class is a) to enhance the oral and written performance, in Spanish, of students who already speak that language; and b) to familiarize students with the cultures of other Spanish-speaking people worldwide. Students learn about aspects of daily life in other Spanish-speaking cultures. They read a variety of styles of literature, engage in conversations, and write essays, all at increasingly sophisticated levels of Spanish. Admission is at teacher discretion, based on performance on a written and oral test administered during registration. Bolaños  



Note: Students may opt to take up to one course from the "Leadership" category per year, as they are all offered during the same period. Additionally, students interested in serving as W.E.B. leaders should apply here.

The purpose of the Leadership class is to develop leadership skills in middle school students. Students serving in an elected student government position are required to be in the Leadership class. Leadership students will be actively involved in planning and implementing Campus Culture activities during school, lunchtime, and after school. The class will work to make a positive impact on the Computech student body to insure that our school is the best middle school in California. Students in this yearlong elective will work closely in teams to provide spirit posters, lunchtime activities, rallies, and other special activities throughout the school year. Leadership’s purpose is to make Computech a fun and welcoming school for all students. Community service, regular positive participation, public speaking, decision-making skills, and Character Counts are taught in this course. As a leader on campus, you need to be active in attending school activities, showing school spirit, demonstrate good citizenship, and support other students in their co-curricular activities. Also, you must maintain a 3.0 GPA. Armstrong Application for current 6th graders (incoming 7th grade)

Application for current 7th graders (incoming 8th grade)
The Computech Newspaper Journalism class produces Computech's Newspaper Publication. Students research, interview, design, write, and edit our school newspaper. Students become proficient in interviewing, reporting, photography, and editing a digital newspaper publication. Newspaper Journalism is a project-based, advanced computer elective for 7th & 8th graders who wish to experience the excitement of producing work that will be published to the world. Kanzler
Tigers Helping Tigers
(Peer Helpers)
Tigers Helping Tigers is a brand new elective offered at Computech that will give students the skills needed to find peaceful ways to solve problems, learn how to support their peers in being academically successful as well as give students a forum to develop their public speaking skills when presenting to small groups of their peers in an academic setting. TBA Nomination Form Application