Bring Your Own Device

Note: This is a
higher end device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my student required to bring a device with them to school daily?
Yes. Just like a pencil, paper, and other essentials, students are required to bring a computer or tablet to school daily for educational use. Devices are used across multiple classes, for both homework and classwork, and are crucial for your student’s success in our program.
If a family cannot provide their student with a device, the school library offers students the opportunity to check out a device.
Help! My student’s device was lost/stolen/broken/eaten by our dog! What can we do?
Unfortunately, despite teaching best practices for student technology use, problems happen. Although we cannot be held responsible for any damage to a student machine, loaner devices are available in the library until the student’s device is again functioning properly.
I will need my child to check out a device from the library. How does that work?
If the student only needs the device for the day, he can check out a device from the school library before school to be returned before the end of 8th period. If he needs a long-term loaner computer from the library, there is a form that both the student and parent need to sign and return. In these cases, computers can be checked out until the end of the quarter, at which time they may be renewed.
NOTE: Families are financially liable for damage caused to checked-out equipment. It may be advisable for your family to obtain laptop insurance.
What are appropriate consequences for my student misusing technology at home?
As a basis for this answer, please realize that a Computech student’s device is an essential educational tool. Just like wouldn’t take away a student’s access to paper for homework because she threw a paper airplane at her brother, or revoke her access to a sharpened #2 pencil for homework because she was doodling during church, our first reaction to students’ misuse of technology should not be to take away access.

That said, here are a few ideas to consider.

  • Have your student work on his device in public, often trafficked sections of your home. Ensure their screen is visible to others in the house. (The students know that ALT + TAB will switch to the next window before their parent can see what game they were playing)
  • Make your expectations clear. Let your student know their timeframe for using their device for homework. Make sure they know what the consequences will be if they are off task.
  • Get filtered. We suggest signing up for a free account at OpenDNS allows you to filter the Internet for everyone accessing the Internet through your WiFi. (OpenDNS > Personal > Parental Controls > OpenDNS Family Shield). There’s no need to configure each and every device in your household, and when visitors access, they’re filtered too. The free product can be configured, but by default blocks access to Adult content, blocks Phishing attacks, and makes your Internet faster and more reliable. If you’re having problems with online video games, they can be blocked as well. NOTE: This solution does NOT filter your student’s Internet Access through their Cell Phone Data Plan, if applicable.

How can I get affordable, reliable Internet access?
Comcast offers a program called Internet Essentials where students/ families can sign up for internet access for $9.95 per month.
To sign up, families/ students need to call 457-6291 or 457-6261 (Teresa or Ying in Fresno USD) to get a “You are officially eligible for free lunch” letter sent to their home. NOTE: You are ELIGIBLE as a FUSD Student.

Students/ Families call 1-855-846-8376 or go online to to begin the application. Once they have made that initial phone call, Comcast will send an application to their home. The family mails back the application, along with the Free Lunch letter from FUSD, to sign up.
P.S.- The Free Lunch letter verifies that the person is a K – 12 student AND that they are eligible for Free Lunch.

To qualify, families must live where Comcast provides service, have no outstanding Comcast debt under one year old, and have not subscribed to Comcast Internet Service within the last 90 days.
How can my student get support for his device?
Although your student’s computers teacher may be able to assist with some basic troubleshooting concepts, we cannot provide technical support for student-owned devices.
How can we get Microsoft Office for our family-owned computers?
Fresno Unified has paid a license fee for all students to receive the desktop version of Microsoft Office on up to 5 computers, for as long as the student remains in the district.
Visit Sign in using your student’s This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Then click “Office 365” at the top of the page. You’ll then see the button “Install Now.” Follow the prompts.
What types of devices work with your BYOD program?
Student’s devices should be laptop computer (preferrably with an 802.11 AC Wifi Card). Tablets, E-Readers (Such as the Kindle Fire or Nook), Cell Phones, or Desktop Computers do not meet the needs of the BYOD program at Computech. If you have not yet purchased the device for your student, we recommend you take a look at the Asus Transformer.

Note: This is a
higher end device.