September 17, 2017, Home Message (EURO MEET)

Good afternoon Computech community this is Dr. Scherrer calling with a weekly update about some of the important events and happenings going on around campus.

Very important for parents:  This Wednesday, September 20th, Computech is hosting the annual “Mud” Run/Euro Style Cross Country invitational.  This event happens once per year and changes the traffic pattern for parent pick up.  We ask all students who are able to take buses home on Wednesday in order to limit the number of parents picking up.  If you must use the pick up line, there will be a map distributed Monday after school in order to show how the line will need to shift in order to accommodate for the meet.  Parking for the meet will be available on the West field, and all cars entering the neighborhood around Computech will be rerouted to head north from Church towards campus and west down Belgravia towards Walnut. We know this can be cumbersome, but it is for the benefit of our cross country students and those from around the district. 

Students, we are going to be entering touring season at Computech and we need YOU as Tour Guides for our elementary school visitors.  All sixty-seven elementary schools that visit throughout the month of October are guided on our campus by current computech students.  If you are interested in representing our school during the tours, please navigate to our student portal or to BEFORE Wednesday at 4:00pm to apply. 

We will have a lockdown procedure drill on Tuesday during lunch.  This is meant as an FYI; there is no need to be alarmed as we practice locking down our school in the unlikely event of an emergency. 

All links from today’s announcement, including a link to a MAP (click for the mapp) of how the parent pickup will be impacted from our cross country meet on Wendesday will be available on under “phone messages”, AND will be posted on Facebook and Twitter by this evening.

All right Computech community, that is all for this week. Thank you for tuning in every week for updates about our school and thank you for being part of our school where, along with you, we strive for the success of every student, every day.