October 8, 2017, Home Message

Good morning Computech community this is Dr. Scherrer calling with a weekly update about some of the important events and happenings going on around campus.

First and foremost, I wanted to say and few congratulations—our football team is off to a great winning streak, past weeks.  Keep up the great work, guys!  Also, on the golf front, Nicholas mouser just took the win for individuals and was deemed golf champion. Well done, Nicholas!  We don’t always get to highlight all the wonderful accomplishments each week, but when we are able, know it only represents a FRACTION of all the great work our Tigers do each week.  Keep it up!

As the weather becomes nice, like this beautiful Sunday morning, it could be tempting for our students to want to leave campus, even just to Edison.  Please note that students are not allowed off campus—even to Edison--once they arrive on campus in the morning.  The only exception is, of course, the classes that are at Edison during the appropriate time and period.  That includes during after school time.  Please use this as a reminder and discuss as a family, if necessary.

Friday marked the last day of the first quarter with only (3) quarters left.  Report cards will be coming home with students to sign on Tuesday during 1st period.  Please review, sign, and return the white copy so that students can be given and bring home a colored copy for your records. 

All right Computech community, that is all for this week. Thank you for tuning in every week for updates about our school and thank you for being part of our school where, along with you, we strive for the success of every student, every day.