January 7, 2018, Home Message

Good morning Computech community, and Happy New Year!  This is Dr. Scherrer with a weekly update to share some of the important events and happenings going on around campus on our first week of the second semester!


You may have noticed some city construction at our east gates before we left for winter break.  Upon returning tomorrow, you will see that the public sidewalk next to campus is closed, and has been temporarily replaced with dirt.  This will obviously disrupt drop off and pickup, but we are working with the construction company to minimize problems we might have as this area is replaced.  Drop off should not be impacted except for narrowing the path into campus; but for pickup in the afternoon, we will keep our students behind our gate to be released as parents arrive.  This may slow things down a bit, but please recognize this is for safety.  We will change our process yet again if we see more efficient ways to respond to this minor disruption.  Thank you for your patience!


This week is a regular scheduled week, following the gold schedule on Monday through Wednesday, an advisory (gray schedule) on Thursday, and a late start on Friday (black schedule).


School site council will meet in room 76 at 3:00pm this Wednesday.  We will be discussing items that can be added to our site plan.  We welcome any to join us! 

All right Computech community, that is all for this week.

I am excited to start off this semester with you, and hope you have gotten a lot of rest and had a lot of fun over the break.  We have a lot to do before the summer sun in June, so let’s get to it with pursuits of excellence on our minds. 

Thank you for tuning in every week for updates about our school and thank you for being part of our school where, along with you, we strive for the success of every student, every day.