January 14, 2018, Home Message

Good morning Computech community, this is Dr. Scherrer with a weekly update to share some of the important events and happenings going on around campus!


In observation of MLK Jr., there is no school tomorrow.  The rest of the week we will follow our Gold schedule on T, a rally schedule on W, and our White schedule on Th and F…therefore, there is NO late start this week Friday.

After School Program (ASES), administration, and campus safety have been meeting about areas that came up earlier in the year in order to streamline processes to continue to work towards keeping our students safe and accounted for.  

Starting this week ALL students (not just ASES students) who want to watch an on-campus sporting event (NOT at EHS), will be required to get a pass from the after school program directly after school.  This pass is numbered so that the student can be tracked while on campus whether they are in the ASES program or not.  When the CA sweeps the events from 3:40pm to 3:45pm, passes will be given to the staff member on duty (since duty ends at 4:00pm), and can EITHER get on the bus or head to the ASES after school program.  If a student is with a parent at the event, they are "released" to the parent at that time, as well.  Aside from students with their parents, we have no student observers after 3:45pm.  Questions can be directed to our VP Ms. Munoz, or our after school coordinator Ms. Swift as we work to ensure we always know where our students are while on campus.

In honor of MLK day AND the 2nd Annual National Day of Racial Healing (see here), we will be providing a creative outlet during lunch on Tuesday for students to share their messages of racial healing.  Instead of board games in the hallway outside the admin offices, we will provide large poster paper and a variety of artistic mediums (markers, crayons, etc) for students to use towards their messaging.  

We hope to post these and inspire messages of peace, love, and healing for this week!

All right Computech community, that is all for this week.  Thank you for tuning in every week for updates about our school and thank you for being part of our school where, along with you, we strive for the success of every student, every day.