Top 10 Reasons to Attend Computech

  • 10- Amazing Students +

    Coming from a wide array of backgrounds and diversity, Computech students bring with them a wealth of experiences. Our students truly make our program shine.
  • 9- Experienced Staff +

    Averaging over 15 years of teaching experience apiece, our dedicated staff have the tools and abilities to push your gifted student to their full potential.
  • 8- Exemplary Academics +

    To meet your talented student where they are, each of our core academic classes are taught at an advanced "GATE" level. Even so, we strive to provide the necessary scaffolds to support your student in their pursuit of learning.
  • 7- Lunchtime Activities +

    Our students enjoy many lunchtime activities, including; regular intramural sports competitions, board games, clubs, and leadership activities. There's always something happening at lunch!
  • 6- BYOD Program +

    Our schoolwide one to one computer immersion program exposes your student to technology use on a daily basis.
  • 5- Amazing After School Program +

    Computech's ASES after-school program is one of the best in the valley. We offer homework help, tech lab use, cooking classes, and a wide variety of clubs daily. Students come when they can, and are not required to attend daily to remain in the program.
  • 4- Academic Competitions +

    Computech offers a wide array of Academic Competition options for students. We field teams in Science Bowl, Math o Rama, Science Olympiad, Math Counts, Destination Imagination, MESA, and many other programs.
  • 3- Wide Variety of Clubs +

    We pride ourselves on offering students a wide variety of club choices meeting after school and at lunch. If there isn't a club that interests your student, they are able to join their friends together to create their own!
  • 2- Competitive Sports Program +

    Our competitive sports program is one of the best in the valley. We offer: Volleyball, Tackle Football, Cross Country, Golf, Water Polo, Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling, Baseball, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, & Track.
  • 1- Our Elective Courses +

    In addition to a required computer science course taken yearly, students have the option to fill two elective class periods per semester.
  • Bonus- We're a school where Everybody Belongs! +

    We don't just offer these opportunities for the fun of it. Instead, our entire staff makes a conscious effort to ensure every student finds their niche here at Computech. All incoming 7th graders are placed with a student WEB leader, and staff encourage all students to get involved in a way that interests them.
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