Vision and Mission

Edison Computech 7-8 Vision

Edison-Computech’s vision is to prepare students so that they can achieve their academic potential and develop into productive adults who make positive contributions to their communities.

Edison Computech 7-8 Mission

Edison Computech 7-8, a math, science and technology magnet school, is dedicated to providing an integrated, student-centered program which emphasizes excellence throughout its curriculum. This is accomplished through an engaging and challenging academic program combined with an extensive menu of elective courses. Technology is used throughout the curriculum to enhance teaching and learning and to increase parent and community involvement in the educational process. Students are encouraged to explore higher levels of creativity and intellectual achievement, while acquiring a firm foundation in the academic and social skills necessary for success in life.

Computech is committed to providing opportunities for students to understand and practice good citizenship. A wide variety of activities allows students at all levels to explore new areas of study in a supportive atmosphere for positive physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. A nurturing environment is created by fostering a sense of community within Computech’s economically and culturally diverse population. Staff, students, parents, and neighborhood partners work together to help all students make a successful transition from childhood to adolescence. Using site-based management, the administration creates an atmosphere that encourages innovation and provides adequate resources to enable students, staff, and parents to fulfill their vision.